Wednesday, November 06, 2002

hey y'all. i really don't know quite what this does. i wanted a live journal like e-bays, and she said she'd get me a code...but until then i'll just use this. today was pretty sweet- i've been sick but my fever is down to 99.8 today- woo! i also got a pilates kit. the highlight of my night was when cassie called me and confessed her love for benjamin- she didn't even know i know him! since i am the mutual link, i will clearly have to hook it up. she needs to give him the infamous 'i want your booty' speech, even though it failed on durhamite #2 ;) speaking of that...she wants to have a YES reunion party, which would be cool...but only with select people haha. some of the decent people have turned out to be cruddy and spazzy. what a combo! this weekend should be interesting- 3 days off school! woo! as for work...NOBODY WILL SWITCH DAYS WITH ME!!! ha, oh well, i still have saturday night off- woo! might go see Godspell at St. Mary's, or maybe i'll go visit with grams. or maybe i'll do that sunday. hmm oh the choices! alright i'm off to bed g'night to you all, who aren't reading this haha.